Friday, 18 March 2011

Wire dreams

I have my first blog follower, huzzah! I've been listing some of my wire-wrapped stone pendants last night, they're a lot of fun to do because I never really know how they would end up. The wire is half-hard, so my lack of muscles is a bit of a issue but I think they've turned out well! 

My first wire-wrapped project was a piece of malachite for a birthday commission, the birthday girl was an archer (like myself at the time) so it had a Sherwood theme. I also used swarovski crystals, and oxidised leaf charms. All metal used is solid sterling silver.


I was just saying yesterday that the problem with selling to friends was just that really, I hardly made any profit from it. Thinking back to this particular necklace, that definitely was the case. Still, I was happy to do it. I think the skill I acquired from doing it, and the look on her face when the present was opened.. they were worth something too. As old-fashioned as it sounds - you really can't put a price on happiness!   

On that note, it's high time for my morning cuppa. I saw a little blue tit outside the window just now too. I think it's going to be a great day! 


  1. Really love the colour of the central stone in Claire's piece (I think that it was for her).

  2. Twas indeedy. Green will always be one of my favouritest colours in the world :-)