Thursday, 31 March 2011

Post-exam hangover

I had exams on Monday and Tuesday, then audit presentation yesterday, so now I am officially free! Being the wild thing that I am, I celebrated by making jewellery whilst Firefly was on in the background. I also ate a whole bag of jelly babies. The purple one, Bigheart, is my favourite :-)

Not much of a drinker myself, I tend to use it more in cooking than anything else, though I did have a cider after Tuesday's exam. Still feeling exhausted, was going to tidy my room and do some packing today, but ended up making more jewellery, watching more Firefly and going round to a friend's to have one last cuppa together before we go off on our electives. 

Still surreal that I'm going off on Wednesday, it is so soon! Can't believe it. I made this piece whilst I was in a break from revision and called it 'Happiness is Elephants'.

I wonder what adventures lie waiting for me out there.. I'm excited, but it just doesn't seem real at the moment. The boyfriend is going to hold down the fort whilst I'm gone, we're just trying to get as many listings up as possible before I go! My biggest hurdle is getting enough views out there, but I'm going to keep at it and be patient. 

Incidentally, the best Youtube video to watch before exams is Liu Wei playing the piano with his feet. Brought tears to my eyes, he is such an inspiration. 'Where there is a will, there is a way.' He's also 23, he lost both arms in a terrible accident and taught himself to play piano with his feet when he was 19. I can't even play like that with my hands. Watching him made me feel like I can do anything, so uplifting.

I have a calendar next to my bed featuring art from 'foot and mouth' artists.  It's amazing what people can do with their bodies, and how resilient they are in face of hardship. I tried writing my name with my foot the other day, and well, I won't be winning any art competitions any time soon!

Life is beautiful. Truly. Thank you, Liu Wei, for reminding me.

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