Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Hello, first post!

The last time I blogged was during my 6th form years on myspace, wow, that does seem like a long time ago.

Empty boxes are always dangerous, the worst kind is generally when you have to write about all your achievements. I hate those.

I much prefer to fill up boxes with my random thoughts.

Like this one, I had a magic banana this morning. Well, it was big, yellow and smiley (as all bananas should be!) and it came from the medical school canteen. An unlikely place to find a small miracle, but I sneaked it into the computer cluster and ate it for late breakfast in between typing notes. Then suddenly, I was REALLY happy!

It's all about little things. Magical things. I don't understand exactly what it was about that particular banana that made me so extra happy, and so I'm filing it under magic. Who needs drugs when you can have bananas? And tea, and custard?

Also when I was young and learning English, I would try and write 'banana' for as long as I can, like this:


Until I ran out of space, or my mum noticed. She was like a homework hawk. I would try and fold up the paper so she wouldn't notice when she glanced up. One time I had a whole bunch of crinkly almost-infinity bananas before she told me off.

I guess I'm starting this blog because I've very recently opened an Etsy shop to try and raise some Tsunami Appeal funds for Red Cross, selling handmade jewellery:


I had my first sale (Akira, pictured) yesterday, and I've just taken a break to stretch my legs on campus whilst posting the earrings off. Saw groups of people being taken on open day tours - can't believe how quickly time has gone!

Akira was made a couple of years back now actually, but it seemed appropriate with the origami theme and I'm glad it sold so quickly. The clever box charms were made by the Karen Hill Tribe, working under fairtrade conditions, using traditional methods and made in small batches. The pure silver content is even higher than sterling, which is 92.5%. So all metal components of Akira is sterling silver, or finer.

Anyway, I should get back to revision! Thank you for your interest! Constructive comments about blog or shop or life welcome :-) Have a lovely day!

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