Sunday, 20 March 2011

Flowers of yester year

Today is going to be a tough day. Mostly because I've run out of my medication and so has all the pharmacies in the area until Monday. I'll have to go without today and well, it happens. Good thing yesterday was productive, I had my clever friend come round for dinner at mine and had a revision session together going through practice questions. She was all kinds of awesome and taught me a lot, and I was happy because I realised I knew more than I thought I knew!

Anyway, I was looking through photos from last year that I never got round to uploading, and I have to say, I feel a bit more cheerful now. I hope they'll bring a smile to your day too, as it did to mine. Taken from the boyfriend's garden (mine is a complete wilderness), and yes, we were growing strawberries in the old rabbit run! I spotted the cluster of catepillars and was fascinated.  

There is something so satisfying about gardening, especially when flowers from yester year come back, even more beautiful and brighter than the year before. I love nature.  

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