Saturday, 19 March 2011

Scottish waters

I try and use ethical materials where I can in my work, like Hill Tribe fairtrade silver, gift wrapping from recycled paper, stamping and pen instead of printing. Sometimes, I do wonder if that's what people look for though. I see shops with lots of sales, producing the same designs over and over again with silver-toned metal and cheap glass, but then I remember the famous words:

'To thine own self be true.'

I listed 'Queensferry' yesterday, pictured below. That particular piece of sea glass was found during a camping holiday with the boyfriend in Scotland a couple of years back. My mother has always said 'never live by the water', and in light of increasing flooding all around the world, I'm inclined to agree. Yet, there is something about the ocean that calls to me. Always.

North Queensferry, where the sea glass was found.

From Tobermory, with love.

I have been away from the sea for much too long.

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