Wednesday, 23 March 2011

There's panic in the air

Being around medical students around exam time generally makes me stressed. I normally work in the quiet computer cluster, so it's ok but we had to do the GMC pre-registration earlier and now I feel a bit all over the place after overhearing people talk about exams. So much to do, so little time. There's also that audit poster that is not ready to be printed off, and apparently it takes a week to do it on campus so I'm going to have to go elsewhere as my presentation is next Wednesday. 

Mad and hairy. I can't believe I'm going off to SA so soon. A lot has been happening, and it's all a bit overwhelming really. People who don't get exams in their last year of uni, then there's my old housemate's boyfriend who hasn't got any this year, or the year before! 

I swear it's always sunny as well when it's revision time, but this time next week, I'll be free. I'm still not ready for my exams, but I can only do my best. 

There were two Japanese people collecting money for the tsunami today, they were on campus, just opposite the uni train station. I hope they get lots of support today. Wish I had more change! They were lovely people too.  

I had my third sale yesterday, Strawberry Dreams, one of my personal favourites is going off to the US as a 'just because' present to a daughter-in-law. Still haven't had any shop feedback as yet, but feeling hopeful. It's a nice distraction from revision, trying to raise tsunami funds!

This here is Salem, whom I listed yesterday, she's a rather marvellous piece of artisan lampwork I bought a few years ago. Enjoy!

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