Thursday, 17 March 2011

God bless you, Perry!

I'm pretty sure no one reads this blog apart from me, but I do love Perry Como. I don't watch Lost so didn't know 'Catch a Falling Star' was made popular with one of the characters. Such a golden oldie! It inspired these earrings I listed on Etsy yesterday, which I had named after his song.

Perry Como married his high school sweetheart and they had three children together, she died two weeks after their 65th wedding anniversary.

'Como celebrated in life, and in song, romantic love and lifelong fidelity.'

Man, they really don't make them like they used to! He died in his sleep, 12 May 2001. His mum was also called Lucia, which makes me feel quite special. He's probably waltzing with his wife, Roselle, in heaven now. God bless you both, I wish we could all end up as happy as you!


  1. Hello,

    I love Perry Como... such a deep comforting voice in all the madness. I wouldn't say that the Lost version is really in the spirit of things though:

  2. Hello! I said that because the 'top comment' on one particular youtube of the song, said this:

    'Allright, all people here because of LOST - let's make a petiton so claire's full version would be released on seson 6 OST!'

    And there are over 120 likes. The other comment was also about this Claire character. Just seemed a little sad to me, as there wasn't anything about marvellous Mr Como himself!

  3. Of course the original trumps all. I remember in the Simpsons episode with Lisa Lionheart, where Lisa says "You know, if we get through to just that one little girl, it'll all be worth it!"

    I suppose, on a personal level, games like Fallout, Bioshock and GTA introduce people to new genres of music and make them effortlessly cool when they once were 'the kind of thing that mum and dad listened to'.