Friday, 15 April 2011

When I was a young warthog

Warthogs are so funny, the way they run with their tails in the air. The young woman (let's say her name is Lea) from yesterday was the same age as me, I sat with her a while when she was still a bit out of it from ketamine. When I walked in, the man had returned and brought a woman with him. All three of them were all praying. It was pretty eerie. Lea was singing but her eyes were blank and she was swaying on the bed. 

The man demanded to know who was in charge and what was happening, the woman said she was a colleague, but her face plainly said that they weren't friends. It was pretty fishy, Lea's phone had disappeared, again and then magically found by the man after a while. I told the man and woman that Leah needs rest, and they finally left. I sat with Leah a while, because even though she wasn't quite with it, she was speaking to me. She asked me if she was going to be ok, her eyes were fickering from ketamine but she was looking at me for answers and reaching for my hand. So I held it, and told her that we have fixed her hand with stitches, and cleaned her up, but she still needs an X-ray to make sure everything is in order. She asked what she had done to deserve this, she has not done anything to anger God but she kept blessing me. I told her I haven't done that much besides a bit of sewing but she thought the sun shone out my shoes.

I was seeing a toddler, just under 2 years, who came in with mastoiditis and orbital cellulitis so needed emergency IV antibiotics and fluids. I was taking the history from  his auntie, as his mum spoke no English. Tim and Anna had to try many times to take blood and get access, they got the samples, and the antibiotics in, but the fluid would have to be done on the ward later. As I left, I saw the mum shed a tear or two. It's awful when your child is sick, and doctors are prodding him with needles. I tried my best to tell mum that he will ok, but it must be hard for her. He may be young but he's HIV +ve and not on treatment, think that played on her mind.  

Lea eventually left with the man and woman, though none of us were particularly about it. I asked her a few times if she wanted to go home with them, she was still out of it but she definitely pointed. Wasn't much we could do, the nurse was happy to get rid of her. 

I found out later from the girls that she did tell her story when I was away. The man is her boyfriend, and the woman is the 'other woman'. She saw them inside the car and went to grab the keys out of the ignition, but he drove off and she was dragged for a bit. So much for the 'I just found her' business.

So, we have fixed a hand, but we haven't fixed the problem. I feel that's often the thing with A+E, there are so many other issues. Then again, you can't go around with fixing your life when your body is broken.

Opps, got to go!

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  1. Hope you're well my love :-) I suppose that there is a limit to what you can do, especially when you're less than familiar with the laws of the region.

    'Everybody lies'... as if you didn't know that already.