Thursday, 14 April 2011

Hospital antics

Just a short post at lunch time, had a really good day so far, I was with Anna this morning for the theatre list. Couple of hernias but there was also a guy who had been attacked and had a skull fragment sticking out. It was about two inches wide in the end, and they sewed the scalp over. There was a young girl who needed a bullet removing from her leg. I felt the bullet through her skin, another doctor was doing the same but she pressed a bit too hard and there was pus everywhere.

Then a lady came in with gravel burn down one side of her face, an obviously dislocated middle finger, and lacerations along where the fingers met the palm. She came in with this shady looking guy, may have been the one who ran her over, she said he wasn't her friend. He said he just found her like that, and disappeared with her phone at one point. Lizzie got it back though. The lady said she'll tell us what happened to her after we have given her an injection.

Got to sulture her hand, was told it was pretty neat. The last sultures I did was on an orange whilst I was in Sixth Form, so it was my first time. A lot of stitches though, some of them were between her fingers, which was a bit awkward especially as the ketamine was making her hallucinate and scream. She looked like she was almost dancing at one point.

So anyhow, a good day, I'm going to go back in a bit to find out her story. Until next time.

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  1. I hope that the lady was okay :-)
    Congratulations with the neat and successful stitches. I suppose that costume making and such brings with it other benefits.

    Topped up your phone. Just watched 500 Days of Summer starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt online. Think you'd like it.