Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Let the Chicken Dance Commence

So I lied, this will be the last post before Africa. I have finished packing and am happy with it. Here's the first photo to start us off, this is all the hold luggage I'm taking, think I've done pretty well for a 2 month trip:

I don't seem to have any concept of money anymore, Lizzie and I got our Baz bus tickets earlier today. Hop on, hop off bus along the Garden Route, which costed £286.00. Most expensive bus ticket ever, methinks. Am definitely haggling when we get there.

We're staying in Bob's Bunkhouse in Joburg on the first night. Think it came to about £12 each for a 6 person dorm. I'm going to keep tabs in my diary of costs. I think it's the only way that will deter me from buying random, cool stuff that I don't need. At least early on in the trip anyway. 

It's funny, 14 years ago today, I was flying over from HK to live in England. Seems fitting that we should fly out again today for another adventure. Anyhow, should go and eat something, I'm not very good at doing that when I'm excited. Bye for now!

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