Friday, 13 January 2012


We've just checked the brochure Ramada Hotel sent before, and it does say menu and wine tasting, good job we asked then! Another reason not to have a traditional receiving line - we're having a tea ceremony.  

Been putting together our invitations last night, trimming card and rubber stamping. It's crazy how much the wedding industry is worth, as soon as you put the word in front of something, the prices go up. We figured we'd do it ourselves. 
Resumed my driving lessons yesterday after the two-three months' gap when I was concentrating on job application and finals. Learning to drive in Birmingham for two hours at a time is no walk in the park. I thought I'd forget everything, also as my instructor got a new car since, but it went pretty well actually. Need to work on my speed on turning corners, I hear the words 'right turn' and my pulse rate goes up. 

Just been addressing a load of wedding envelopes and stamping the last of the cards we had. Ordering some more in a second. Then I'm going to make myself some tea, unload the washing machine yet again (I forget how many loads I've done now), and start ranking every single FY1 job there exists in the West Midlands. I did see the number but I think I managed to blank it out of my head, it's something in the region of 400-500, which sounds horrific. 

Still, 'there is no trouble so great or grave that cannot be much diminished by a nice cup of tea.' Having a belated Christmas/New Year, bring a dish tomorrow with good friends and looking forward to it. Then the Saturday after, we've having a Chinese New Year bring a dish here as well. Peter and I have been going back to my parents' for CNY the last four years, if we went this year, that would be the third time we'd have stayed in Guildford in the space of a month. So we're having our friends come to us, CNY is quite early this year, only saw my relatives a couple of weeks ago. Next Tuesday is a Bake Soc cupcake competition event, will be baking, tasting, judging, and making extra to sell the day after to fund for more baking events. Think I've got a design in mind, will post photos in due time!

Weather is nice outside, clear and sunny, but cool. In fact, it's my favourite sort of weather and it makes me rather happy. Think we'll go for a walk later to stretch my legs.

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