Sunday, 15 January 2012

Food photos

Goat cheese tart with balsamic vinegar and tomato salad.
Roast duck breast, caramelised plums and potato dauphinoise.
Pan-fried sea bass fillet with sauteed vegetables.
Passionfruit teardrop torte with pineapple salad.

Here are some of the photos from the menu tasting, they say you eat with your eyes first! Peter took all photos except for the duck one. Here are two more from the belated Christmas/New Year, bring a dish yesterday at my house. We do like food photos, it's wonderful being in the age of digital cameras. I've heard people say that they were born into the wrong time, that they'd rather be living in a castle and ride horses. Personally, as much as I love medieval dresses and harps in a court, I love daily showers more. That and it's not called the Dark Ages for nothing, volcano aside.  
Yesterday's lunch spread.

Last time I saw Sumayah, she was two. One year on, and she's grown so much! She won't remember any of our names but one. Benji the wabbit. To his credit, he did put up some pretty enthusiastic petting, being chased around, having piles of hay thrown near him in her attempts to coax him out. I was worried at first, Benji is a curious but nervous rabbit by nature, only likes affection on his own terms. After the first grunts though, I think he realised that she was a baby human. Animals have a way of knowing things like that. Her parents texted on the way back that she was knocked out asleep in the car, bless. 

Benji cautiously eating out of her hand for the first time.

I realise also that this is the first photo of me shown in my blog. Here's to friends in all shapes and sizes. Whiskers, snot and all.

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