Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Two month countdown

Well folks, the wedding is in less than two months' time now! It's funny how the final year of Medicine has warped my concept of time entirely. I worked so hard towards the finals and now that they are over, the wedding seems like a long time away mentally! I dropped off my gown to be altered today, Birmingham School of Sewing in Northfield. Sheila-May was such a nice lady and made me feel very at ease, I look forward to seeing the results. Not to give too much away, as I know my fiance does read this blog, but I bought it from Monsoon and the hem was too long for me to wear flats in. 

I hope the weather takes a sunny turn for my friend's wedding at the weekend. I remember how when I got quietly engaged last July, she was saying that hers would never propose, then lo and behold, she has raced me up the aisle! I'm so excited for them, the wedding will be absolutely lovely, come rain or shine. Definitely bringing tissues, I have been to three weddings now, but I do think this will be the tear-jerker! 

I had an impromptu meet up with my friend, Elena, today after the dress fitting. Going out is still such a novelty to me at the moment, I giggled like a mad thing as I climbed aboard a tiny child-size gingerbread house ride in the shopping centre, clutching a half-eaten curly wurly in my hand. Quote of the day went to:

'Hey look, Matt's name is on every can of paint!'

I am so excited about our trip to Anglesey at the start of June! I've never been on a roadtrip before, we'll be staying in a cottage in the countryside and it shall be glorious! Have lots to look forward to, even if I can't believe that this time last year, I was in South Africa. Time has really flown by!

Edit: Here is the photo, supplied by Elena!  

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  1. Woohoo I can properly follow you now I'm on Blogger!

    A good thing as a sufferer of chronic rhinitis and hayfever I'll be well stocked up on tissues. =P