Tuesday, 19 July 2011

New Home

The last week was spent my life into boxes and crates. I loved how dirt just appeared where there was none the previous day, housemates have left hidden stashes of stuff for you to find and clear out and all of a sudden, it's chucking it down outside. For much of the two days we were moving.

Big thank you to Stan, who ferried everyone's stuff across in good humour over the whole weekend, and Michael, for making sandwiches and the rest of the driving.

On the plus side, there is now hot water coming out of the tap. I now have a wardrobe after two years of not having one, and the ceiling.. I can't get over how far away the ceiling is as I drift off to sleep. Caught a bright flash of light out the corner of my eye and thought it was lightning before realising that it was an ambulance. One of many that pass by here at the back of Queen Elizabeth. The nice middle-aged neighbours keen on rubbish collection and recycling dates are unlikely to keep us up in the small hours with shouting and techno music. I no longer have to constantly clean up after other people after two years of doing so - definitely something worth writing home about.

Anyway, Paediatrics at Russells Hall is going well, had a productive day today. Off to type up the cases now, will start getting my thoughts together for the last post of SA soon.

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